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How It Works

Rondo is an attempt at “Universal Music Income,” (UMI), Each user that is signed up receives 70 RND each week. Additional RND can be earned through the sale of content & creative services as a Vendor.

How else can I earn RND?

Additional bonus RND can be earned through validated referrals and verifying identify through an easy KYC process. After our initial target of 100,000 initial users have signed up, the bonus RND will stop and income generation will be the sole source of new RND.

Do RND have real value?

RND will have value as more RND are traded both on the RONDO platform between users and when the RND is listed on crypto exchanges. Additionally through strategic partnerships with other e-commerce crypto platforms and universal wallets, ensue the sole source of new RND.

Is RND a Cryptocurrency?

Yes – RND is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum Blockchain and therefore will be tradable on the platform and externally through multiple exchanges, wallets as well as through crypto to gift card service providers and future partnerships with Crypto Debit Cards (Mastercard or Visa).