Why Rondo

Rondo is on a mission to reduce the friction for Musicians earning and using digital currencies in the real world. Our aim is to offer the Music industry, a unique hybrid ecosystem that is easy to use. The RND token is an ERC20 digital currency, that can be used throughout the music industry in a variety of innovative ways, here are some highlights:

Universal Music Income

Artists can claim our digital currency "RND" weekly for the 1st 6 months post launch.

Artist Development Fund

Supporting music students with bursaries and mentorship.


Tip artists directly, buy merch, event and festival tickets.

Debit Cards

Low fees, and bonus RND rewards.

Gift Cards

Online and offline at over 200 big brand retailers worldwide.

Travel Bookings

With 500k+ accommodation options in 180+ countries.


Customized, easy to use, multi digital currency wallet.

Collab Commerce

Blockchain music companies can list their digital currencies in our wallet, extending user benefits globally.

Smart Wristband

Hassle free, secure access and use at a variety of global partner venues, also includes a micro wallet.

Epic 40 Million "RND" Token Distribution

Join our global music community and with your support, we can build an amazing ecosystem that will benefit musicians and fans alike.
To receive your RND – Send a Minimum amount of 0.007 ETH to the smart contract address below.


Note – Any ETH sent to this contract address will go into the developers fund for exchange listings, marketing, smart wristband R&D, web & wallet development.

Distribution – The 40 Million RND tokens are divided into 4 segments of 10 Million RND each, reducing by increments after each successful transaction block, until “zero” base is achieved at 65474 transactions and then resetting. See reference table below.

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Thank you for supporting Rondo, for the Love of Music!

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